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You never know where an improv scene will take you...London in the Victorian era, a futuristic science lab on Mars, a hard-core prison? Different scenes beg for different characters who move and talk in unique ways. Through fun exercises exploring human ticks and traits, this workshop will help you advance beyond a 'one size fits all' approach to characters.


Expand your repertoire of who shows up in a scene and laugh your butt off while doing it!  Carrie's workshop will dive into the basics of developing a character whether it's for standup, improv, sketch, or acting. 

Where: Sperrstrasse 67

When: March 9th

Cost: 75CHF per adult participant

50CHF for students

Time: 1PM-4PM


Instructor: Carrie Aikman

Carrie Aikman hails from 'Merica, most recently Los Angeles, where she discovered and fell in love with improv. After training at the Groundlings, she continued with classes, eventually performing with two groups in and around LA. After moving abroad in 2015 and missing her 'weird theatre friends,' she was enormously happy to meet the folks at Boutique Theatre, who offered her the chance to be a total dork again among people who 'get' her. Carrie was a regular contributor on RadioX here in Basel and is excited to continue to work her acting and improv muscles again in Switzerland.

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