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Founder & Artistic Director
Susan Brownfield

Susan began her theatre career as a performer even before finishing her graduate training when she joined the Broadway tour of The King & I starring Hayley Mills and, later, Marie Osmond. After her tour, she finished her Master's degree in Voice Performance at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA (USA). Her undergraduate training was completed at the University of Oregon School of Music in Eugene, OR (USA), where was awarded "Performer of the Year" upon graduation. She later went on to work throughout the United States with various regional theatre and opera companies. Susan's experience in the performing arts has spanned decades where she has gone from performer to teacher to director to producer. 


Boutique Theatre Basel was founded in 2019 and has continued to grow and serve as a resource in the Basel community. 


In addition to her work with Boutique Theatre, she maintains an active performing schedule here in Basel while also teaching in her private studio and at the Bilingual Kids Academy. She has directed numerous children’s choirs, plays, and enjoys working with young children. Read more about her here.


Improv Director
Jenn Cain Birkmose

Boutique Theatre Basel’s Improv Director Jennifer Cain Birkmose, a graduate of Second City’s Improv and Conservatory Programs, has positioned the theater at the forefront of English-speaking improv scene in Basel. Under her direction, she has established a comprehensive training program catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, encompassing short and long-form courses, character development, musical improv, sketch writing and teen improv. All training programs conclude a graduation show, often offering the student’s first taste of performing live. Her passion is applied improv which means that improv Boutique Theatre has diversified its reach and accessibility to the world of work, corporate leadership programs, and corporate events including ideation and confidence boosting sessions. 


You can see Jennifer’s TED talk on improv and leadership here. Beyond training, Boutique Theatre performance catalogue has rapidly expanded, featuring the Basel Improv Group B.I.G. that is featured in frequent shows in Basel, corporate events, and large-scale sold-out performances. 

Lastly, recognizing the importance of practice and play, we, have launched monthly improv jams, providing an accessible entry point for those eager to have a peek into the dynamic world of improv at Boutique Theatre Basel. 

There is truly something here for everyone and we are excited to welcome you into our Boutique Theatre Improv programme – you can inquire here at for upcoming activities!


Improv Chief of Staff
Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas began her Improv training right here, at Boutique Theatre Basel; she further honed her skills through the Los Angeles-based Groundlings Improv School. Suzanne puts Improv comedy to practical use and trains HR leaders to use the power of “yes, and” to make their companies better places for all employees.

Suzanne’s company, Evil HR Lady, embraces improv with Improv Your HR, which translates comedy into business–makng people laugh while learning valuable leadership skills. The message of improv is shared globally as well as in Basel.

Suzanne’s beginner classes focus on character development and using the concepts of choosing who you are, serving others, and failing with joy to learn how to be funny and be better communicators.

Suzanne, originally from the United States, has lived in Basel for 15 years, runs her own business, and serves on the board of the Basel English Panto. Suzanne can be reached at


Technical Director
Cesare di Leo

Italian musician and composer Cesare Di Leo studied classical guitar in Messina and played for
many years in several bands known for their versatility in playing different musical styles,
becoming well-known in the local music scene.

While in Italy, Cesare wrote original music for several school plays. In 1996, an original
composition written by Cesare was selected for the final phase of the “VOCI NUOVE” national
famous contest in Castrocaro Terme, winning also the on 1st prize at a national contest in
Genova and included in a compilation distributed in Italy and abroad by NV Records.
From 2006 to 2012, Cesare lived in Warsaw, working as musician and composer for several
bands and projects, including working as a musician in comedy shows and vocal classes,
composing and playing on National TV and for Insurance/Pharma companies, and since 2012
in the Basel music scene with various projects, interacting with several musicians, in cover and
original bands, playing in concerts and events in Switzerland and Germany.

In June 2019 started the collaboration as musician with Boutique Theatre Basel in the musical
The Last Five Years, in the 2021 show Cabaret And Cake, in 2022 musical I Wish My Life
Were a Musical, in 2023 show Variety Show (together with Semi/Circle Basel).
The unusual combination between the arrangement of songs for fingerstyle guitar and
extraordinary versatile and experienced voices, gave Cesare most loved projects the possibility
to explore many different music areas and surprise the audience. In his music career, Cesare
built also a solid experience in the recording studio, collaborating with Italian producers and in
live productions, taking care of the on/off stage audio.

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