Do You Improv? Intro to Improvisation

We are excited to announce a new event in February: an improv class featuring Carrie Aikman! Carrie trained at one of the premiere improvisational troupes in the United States with alums including Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. If you've ever wanted to think better on your feet, have a good laugh, and learn the rules of improv (yes, there are some!), you don't want to miss this class. It will take place on February 6th at the Basel English Panto Cellar at Sperrstrasse 67 at 7PM-10PM. Cost is 30CHF per person


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Carrie Aikman

Carrie Aikman hails from Michigan but has been a bit of a gypsy, living all across the U.S., and now Switzerland, performing her way through the years. Some of her favorite roles were Dancer in 'The Eight: Reindeer Monologues,', Charlotte Wallace in 'Beyond Therapy,' and Artie in 'Eleemosynary.'


Living in Los Angeles for 13 years, she discovered two things about acting--she really disliked doing film, but she absolutely loved doing improv. She is a student of The Groundlings and The Empty Stage, and was in two performance troupes, bringing laughter to people all around LA. She is excited to continue this in Basel!