Do You Improv? Comedy Improv Classes in English!

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 IMPROV at Boutique Theatre Basel as featured on Inc. Magazine and RadioX!!

Learn the basics of improv in this 4-week class, gain confidence—and have fun!

Many people think they have to be an actor or funny to do improv. While being funny is nice, it’s more about listening and reacting.

Improv is more than a skill for performers. It’s an excellent way to:

Gain self-confidence
Improve public speaking and writing skills
Learn to think on your feet
Open yourself to new ways of looking at things
Become a better listener
Bring more laughter into your life

If you’ve always been curious to try improv, we invite you to join us in this fun, safe environment.

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to play!

In these classes we will explore:

Agreeing and committing
Attention and memory
Miming actions
Creating our environment
Playing with emotion and character
Fun games



If you are new to improv and would like to learn and hone the fundamentals then this is the class for you.

Where: Sperrstrasse 67

When: August 31st, September 7th,  14th, and 21st

Cost: 200CHF per adult participant

150CHF for students

Time: 7PM-9PM

Interested? Please register at



If you have taken improv before and are interested in reviewing the basics but also want to 

dive a little into long-form improv then this is the class for you.

Where: Sperrstrasse 67

When: TBD

Cost: 200CHF per adult participant

150CHF for students

Time: 7PM-9PM

Interested? Please register at

******  If Covid restrictions do not permit us to meet in person, we are able to move all classes online. ******

Our students have the chance to put their skills to work in regular shows before a live audience.

What an opportunity! Check this space out for our next show!


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Where: Sperrstrasse 67

When: July 16th, 2022

Cost: 60CHF

Time: 12PM-3PM

What to bring: Water, a snack, and your sense of humor

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothing as you will be moving


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Jennifer Cain 

Jennifer Cain Birkmose is the Boutique Theatre Basel’s resident improv teacher. She was bitten by the improv bug in 2011 while she was a part of the Brussels Light Opera Company in Brussels, Belgium while she worked as a pharmaceutical executive. Ever since then she has applied her love of YES AND to improv ensembles as well as corporate life, constantly bringing the improv mindset to boardrooms. Jennifer is a graduate of the Second City improv training program and is currently in Second City’s Conservatory program where she performs improv and sketch comedy. Originally from Oregon, USA, Jennifer has lived outside of the US for nearly 22 years. You can find her performing long-form and sketch comedy with her all-female virtual ensemble “alphabet salad”.

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Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas began her Improv training right here, at Boutique Theater Basel, she then further honed her skills through the Los Angeles-Based Groundlings Improv School. In addition to comedy, Suzanne is a popular public speaker and runs her own company, Evil HR Lady, where she provides consulting and writing services for HR departments everywhere, integrating knowledge and humor. As she taught in her popular Tedx talk, Suzanne believes just about anyone can learn to do just about anything if they embrace the power of "yes, and." Suzanne teaches the Intro to Improv classes.


Suzanne grew up in the United States, living all over--from Southern Utah to Long Island, New York. She has lived in Basel for 13 years. You can find her writings all over the internet, with her archives at Evil HR Lady, where you can also watch some of her speeches.