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Feel like you'd like to uplevel your shower singing? If so, come join us! Michelle Ariane is a teacher and singer trained in Los Angeles, California.  She now lives in Basel and has a very active teaching studio and performs regularly in the Dreiländer area.
Check her out here:
Voice Workshop with Michelle.jpeg
What Michelle says about the workshop...

"The pillars of healthy vocal usage are: breath support, core strength and posture. 

However, we have forgotten the natural way of doing all of them in the course of growing up.


In this movement-based workshop, we will look at all three pillars and how we turn them into tools that can help us use our voice in a healthy way to reach the highest of highs and lowest of lows comfortably and repeatedly. 


Michelle has studied with coaches from Alexander Technique, the FitzMaurice voice institute, as well as the OneVoice technique and finds a way to combine all three of them, and do an individual approach for the student who stands before her.


Every person needs their own key to unlock their true voice and sound."

Where: Sperrstrasse 67

When: February 18th

Cost: 100CHF per adult participant

75CHF for students

Time: 2PM-5PM

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